Born at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), the award-winning Islandora approach to digital repository development is rooted in the integration of best-practice open-source software. Islandora brings together Fedora Commons and Drupal to create a powerful solution.

The framework was designed to fill the inadequately-served needs of sectors such as those in life sciences, culture and health and finances, who require data stewardship for large amounts of digital data while performing sophisticated analysis.

Most current (and mostly proprietary) enterprise content management systems and repository solutions in these sectors are not adequately integrated with recent key innovations such as grid computing and intelligent storage.

Islandora is designed to solve these concerns while simultaneously addressing the six major issues facing the utilization and stewardship of data: privacy, security, retention, processing, ownership and integrity.

What is Islandora?

Islandora Leverages Open-Source

The core technology stack—all open source—is Drupal (front end), Solr (search), Fedora Commons (repository), and so much more.

Islandora Delivers Digital Collections

Islandora can securely store, collaboratively manage, and provide access to, a wide variety of digital collections.

Islandora Defines Preservation

Islandora adheres to the Open Archives Information System (OAIS) reference model, supporting all the concepts, terminology, and best practices for long term preservation of information.

Islandora Uses Open Standards

Islandora supports the use of open standards for encoding and transmission of metadata to ensure that you are never locked-in to proprietary systems.

Islandora Provides Flexibility

Islandora is flexible and versatile, implementing Modules and Solution Packs that bundle tools to support specific types of content and knowledge domains.


Islandora Simplifies Migrations 

We have migrated assets from MANY other platforms into Islandora and have developed a standardized set of migration tools to help get your data into Islandora quickly!

What can Islandora do for your organization?

Effeciently Manage Many Assets

As your digital landscape expands, Islandora provides the tools you need to effectively manage your objects and enable collaboration with stakeholders.

Steward Any Type of File

Ingest and transform virtually any type of file including books, newspapers, images, audio, documents, video, binary and easily manage it via Islandora. 

Centralize Assets

Turn disparate collections of materials across your organization into a central repository of digital objects easily searchable via Islandora's rich interface.

Maximize Exposure

Instantly disseminate and share your digital objects for reuse, repurposing or re-expression and leverage the power of Linked Open Data.

Extend Functionality

Islandora offers robust integration capabilities so you can easily integrate existing 3rd party software applications and tools you already use.

Simplify Metadata Management

Islandora's support for any metadata format can evolve to fit the needs of your organization and industry over the long-term.

Easy Repository Management

Islandora offers support to staff, providing efficient storage, curation, and powerful retrieval.

Utilizing the open source SOLR search engine, Islandora provides both basic and advanced search and faceting capabilities across multiple metadata types allowing users to easily discover and share your digital content. 

Islandora utilizes the open source Fedora Commons repository system to bring powerful curation and preservation functions to your digital content. 

By utilizing Drupal as the presentation layer of Islandora, and built-in support for harvesting protocols your digital collections can be disseminated using the latest web standards, increasing your collections' and creators' exposure and citation impact.

Flexible Deployment Options

Whether you have access to your own data center and IT staff or you want us to take care of hosting and maintenance, we have options available to suit your needs. 

Islandora OnDemand

Islandora OnDemand is our cloud offering. We take care of all the technical stuff PLUS you get enhanced functionality that is exclusive to Islandora OnDemand.

Islandora OnPremise

We offer customizable installation services to get Islandora configured and optimized to your exact specifications, and on your own infrastructure. 

Custom Hosting

We work with a number of hosting partners to offer custom hosting options for customers who have special privacy, security or geographical requirements. 

OAIS Adherence

Islandora’s adherence to the OAIS conceptual framework means:

  • It is designed with long-term preservation in mind (and that can mean “indefinite”), taking into account that there will be changes in data formats, technology, and the communities (creators and users) it serves.
  • It implements a standard for the concepts, terminology, best practices in long-term digital preservation and meets the functional requirements of a robust OAIS: Ingestion, Archival Storage, Data Administration, and Access.
  • Islandora’s approach to packaging your content (whether SIPs, AIPs or DIPs) reflects the standards and requirements of the Designated Community, whether that is an academic library or a biotech research team, and you know your long-term preservation is at the core.

Metadata Flexibility

Islandora, by default, uses MODS and DC  for descriptive metadata and PREMIS for preservation metadata. Islandora can also support any XML-based metadata standard and offers tools for automating the creation and maintenance of metadata, as well as the bulk ingestion of object records.

Some other metadata standards we work with daily include: 

  • MADS
  • PBCore
  • QDC
  • METS
  • TEI

Islandora in the Wild!

We have helped more than 100+ organizations implement Islandora to bring their digital collections to life. You can read more about some of these projects in the case studies below!

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Islandora Support and Services

From conception to implementation, we offer a full range of services to not only help you get up and running but also ensure that your repository needs are met well into the future.

Custom Development 

Do you have a specific use case that you need your digital repository to be able to support? Islandora has been designed from the ground up to be extendible to meet virtually any use case! 


We offer flexible training options to help you get you and your team using Islandora as quickly as possible. From general metadata training to deep technical training, we do it all! 


Whether you have a question on how to model your data, create your repository or expose your collections, we are here to help! We offer multiple support plans to meet your specific needs. 

Profressional Service Packages

We are pleased to offer several service packages which bundle together our most commonly used Islandora services. These packages range from a small audit package to ensure your Islandora is set up and functioning properly to a full Installation, training, and support package. For more details, click here!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your repository from vision to reality!