Modules and Solution Packs

Designed from the ground up as an Out of the Box solution, Islandora has grown over time through hundreds of installations and users who have tested, improved upon and advanced the numerous solutions now available. Out of the Box you can use Islandora to do everything from managing your research and scholarly output in Islandora Scholar (our institutional repository solution pack) to creating a rich Digital Collection using our content specific solution packs like Audio, Video, Newspaper, Book, Large Image, etc.

Below is a list of some of the modules and solution packs available in the Islandora platform including links to their repositories on github and a brief description.  

  • Islandora Simple Workflow - Enables a simple editorial workflow for Islandora which defines a default "inactive" state for all newly ingested objects. 
  • Islandora Book Batch - Enables simple batch ingesting support for books. 
  • Islandora IP Embargo - Enables content embargoing based on IP ranges.
  • Compound Solution Pack - Enables grouping of objects into a generic parent-child relationship. 
  • Newspaper Solution Pack - Adds support for newspaper collections. 
  • XACML Security Policy Editor - Adds support for simple and complex object and collection level security policies. 
  • Islandora MARCXML - Enables support for transforming metadata between MODS and MARCXML.
  • Islandora Accordion Rotator (Private Repo/OnDemand Only) - Enables usage of an image rotator for the Islandora OnDemand theme. 
  • Islandora SOLR Views - Utilize SOLR search results in Drupal Views. 
  • Islandora SOLR Metadata - Provides an interface to construct configurations used for displaying metadata on Islandora objects.
  • Document Solution Pack - Provides a collection and a content model for user documents which are converted to PDF for display.
  • Islandora JOD Converter - Utilizes the OpenOffice/JOD Converter as a service to convert documents between various formats. 
  • Entities Solution Pack - Provides support for entities such as people, places, events and organizations in Islandora.
  • Islandora PLUpload - Supports uploading of large files. 
  • Islandora Job - Supports asynchronous/parallel job processing via gearman

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