Islandora OnDemand is a software as a service digital repository solution that allows you to get your repository project online very quickly. We take care of all the complexity of installation, hosting and maintaining your repository allowing you to focus on building your collections and growing your audience.

Islandora OnDemand comes preconfigured with a full suite of modules and solution packs providing support for newspapers, books, audio, video, pdfs, images and much more! Click here to see the full list! 

What do you get with Islandora OnDemand?


With Islandora OnDemand, the complexities of hosting a digital repository are completely removed from the equation. We have partnered with several top-tier cloud providers in order to meet our technical requirements and the geographic/privacy needs of our clients.  

Maintenance & Support 

Each purchase of Islandora OnDemand comes with access to our knowledgebase where you will find documentation on using and customizing your repository. We also include access to our support team via an online ticketing system so that you can ask questions, report issues and provide feedback. 

Islandora OnDemand is kept up to date via automatic updates with the latest Islandora code to ensure that you always have the latest features and updates to build your repository.

Customizable Design

Islandora OnDemand comes with a base theme which allows you to customize the design through an administrative user interface to fit the purpose of your repository as well as your branding requirements. 

  • Responsive design works across all devices from desktop to smartphone
  • Featured Collection and Image Rotator widgets to show off your most valuable content. 
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Top Site Searches block to guide users to your most viewed content. 
  • Easy collection searching and browsing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Color customization

What is Islandora?

Islandora Leverages Open-Source

Islandora's core technology stack consists of some of the most popular open source products in the world. Drupal (front end), Solr (search), Fedora Commons (repository), BlazeGraph (graph database) and so much more.

Islandora Delivers Digital Repositories

Islandora can securely store, collaboratively manage, and provide access to, a wide variety of digital collections.

Islandora Defines Preservation

Islandora adheres to the Open Archives Information System (OAIS) reference model, supporting all the concepts, terminology, and best practices for long term preservation of information.

Islandora Uses Open Standards

Islandora supports the use of open standards for encoding and transmission of metadata to ensure that you are never locked-in to proprietary systems.

Islandora Provides Flexibility

Islandora is flexible and versatile, implementing Modules and Solution Packs that bundle tools to support specific types of content and knowledge domains.

Islandora Simplifies Migrations 

We have migrated assets from MANY other platforms into Islandora and have developed a standardized set of migration tools to help get your data into Islandora quickly!

Islandora OnDemand Pricing

Please note that all prices listed are in USD. If you would like more information or would like to discuss other options, please don't hesitate to contact us!