Islandora OnDemand is a software as a service digital repository solution that allows you to get your repository project online very quickly. We take care of all the complexity of installation, hosting and maintaining your repository allowing you to focus on building your collections and growing your audience.

Islandora OnDemand comes preconfigured with a full suite of modules and solution packs providing support for newspapers, books, audio, video, pdfs, images and much more!

What do you get with Islandora OnDemand?


With Islandora OnDemand, the complexities of hosting a digital repository are completely removed from the equation. We have partnered with several top-tier cloud providers in order to meet our technical requirements and the geographic/privacy needs of our clients.  

Maintenance & Support 

Each purchase of Islandora OnDemand comes with access to our knowledgebase where you will find documentation on using and customizing your repository. We also include access to our support team via an online ticketing system so that you can ask questions, report issues and provide feedback. 

Islandora OnDemand is kept up to date via automatic updates with the latest Islandora code to ensure that you always have the latest features and updates to build your repository.

Customizable Design

Islandora OnDemand comes with a base theme which allows you to customize the design through an administrative user interface to fit the purpose of your repository as well as your branding requirements. 

  • Responsive design works across all devices from desktop to smartphone
  • Featured Collection and Image Rotator widgets to show off your most valuable content. 
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Top Site Searches block to guide users to your most viewed content. 
  • Easy collection searching and browsing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Color customization

Islandora OnDemand Add-ons


Islandora S3 Backup provides the ability to backup repository objects and datastreams with Amazon S3, and transitions to Glacier for cheaper, more redundant long-term storage. It ensures data integrity with end to end checksumming and robust error reporting. It also provides submodules that allow for asynchronisity and robust, regular fixity checks. Backups and restores can be executed manually, but configuring rules is a way to make backups and restores more consistent. Using Rules, there are many configurable ways to determine what is backed up.

Islandora Spreadsheet Ingest facilitates the ingesting of large amounts of content via spreadsheet templates. These templates define the metadata attributes for each object, the objects relationships and the path to the object to be ingested. 

Islandora ImageCache provides significant performance improvements for overall site performance and individual pages when viewing collections or performing Solr searches as anonymous and provides a new Islandora Solr Views field 'Datastream Image', which allows one to add a styled image to a View.

Islandora ContentDM Migration is a set of tools designed to process ContentDM exports into MODS files for ingest into Islandora. The process allows users to configure MODS templates that inform the process of their MODS mappings.



Repository Project Consulting utilize our deep understanding of digital asset management and preservation projects in order to help you define what it really is your organization needs, alleviate any fears and help you turn these requirements into technical use-cases, through technical development and configuration and through final implementation. 

Custom Theme Development allows us to work with you to implement your branding and accessibility requirements. Our in-house theme development team will work with you to gather information and assets to build a beautiful repository theme that your organization will be proud of. 

Migration Assistance is available for organizations looking to migrate out of an existing system to Islandora. Our solution architects and developers will work with you to develop a migration plan that ensures a smooth transition to Islandora. 

Islandora Training is available for end users, repository administrators, content creators, technical staff (developer or system administrators), etc. to ensure that users are able to effectively use and manage your repository. 

Additional Support can be purchased to supplement the hours that come with your Islandora OnDemand package. 

Islandora OnDemand Pricing

Please note that all prices listed are in USD. If you would like more information or would like to discuss other options, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Starting at $1000 month ($10,000 yearly)
Free 30-day trial available

Ideal for institutions and organizations with multiple users requiring additional storage and support.
  • 1TB Storage Space
  • Automatic Updates
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • 24 Support Hours Included
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Customizable Theme
  • 2 hours of Theming Assistance

Starting at $1500 month ($15,000 yearly)
Free 30-day trial available

Ideal for consortia with multiple users spread across multiple sites with consolidated search options.
  • 1TB Storage Space
  • Automatic Updates
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • 36 Support Hours Included
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Customizable Theme
  • Multisite Support
  • 8 hours of Theming Assistance
Contact us today to discuss your specific needs
Free 30-day trial available

Designed to meet your specific requirements including additional storage, theming, and more!
  • 1TB Storage Space
  • Automatic Updates
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • 24 Support Hours Included
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Metadata Consulting
  • Theming Development
  • Project Consulting