We offer a complete range of services to help you with your digital repository project. We offer a strong mix of librarians, systems engineers and software developers that have deep experience in planning and creating digital repositories. Below are some of the services and service bundles we provide:

Basic Installation

Our installation service ensures that your repository is built on a stable foundation. Having installed Islandora hundreds of times, we have developed a number of best practices to ensure your repository performs and scales as your data and audience grows. 

Metadata Mapping

There are hundreds of metadata standards out there and choosing the wrong one can mean horrible things for your repository project. Let us help you choose the right standards by having our metadata librarians review your data, provide options and explain the positives and negatives of each. 

Design and Theming 

The look and feel of your Islandora site is extremely important. With so much focus on the data and metadata, the actual design often gets overlooked or neglected. Via our in-house design group, we can either customize one of our existing theme's or design something completely custom to ensure that your repository is something your organization can be proud of. 

Content Migration

We have migrated data from dozens of different sources for clients all over the globe. Whether your data is sitting on your hard drive, inside a database or in another repository system, chances are we have a migration process already mapped out and ready to go! 


Hosting a repository can be a very daunting task both in terms of the technical expertise required and the hardware required. We have developed partnerships with a number of hosting providers to ensure that we are able to meet the geographic and privacy requirements of all our clients. 

System Audits

Even if you choose to install Islandora yourself, you can still benefit from our installation expertise via our audit service. We do an in-depth review of your installation, identifying potential problems as well as tips for scalability and performance tuning. 

Data Modelling

Much like choosing the wrong metadata format, choosing the wrong data model can have dire consequences for your project. Engage our software engineers and metadata librarians to ensure that you have a solid data model right from the beginning of your project!

Custom Development

Having written over 92% of the latest Islandora release code, our developers have an unparalleled knowledge of the inner workings of Islandora and the many modules and solution packs that exist. Whether it be integrating with an existing system or building a custom viewer or workflow, we will work with you to take your idea and turn it into reality. 


We offer several levels of Islandora support packages from basic email support to 24/7 toll free access to an Islandora specialist. Support hours can be used for debugging, configuration assistance, data loading assistance, and much much more. Contact us today to learn more. 


From basic end user training to highly technical systems and developer training, we can customize a training package to meet your specific needs. 

Professional Services Bundles

Our Service Bundles are designed to provide a blend of services for everything from a clean install to setting up a full digital repository.

Please note that all listed prices are in USD

Islandora Jumpstart Bundle

The Jumpstart Bundle provides a professional Islandora installation and flexible services, such as design and theming, requirements gathering and assessment, custom xml forms and training. In addition, this bundle provides access to our online support portal for continued assistance.

It’s a quick and easy Islandora Repository package including our most commonly purchased services with a total cost savings of 15 percent. The Islandora Jumpstart Bundle is available at a cost of $20,000.  

It includes:

  • An installation of the latest version of Islandora and dependencies

  • Installation documentation

  • Knowledge base documentation for frequently asked questions and step by step configuration instruction

  • 25 hours of design and theming services

  • 45 hours of project facilitation, requirements gathering, consulting, training, configuration and development

  • 20 hours of online support services

This package is suited for groups with who require assistance with installation, configuration, theming, and have limited technical staff availability.


Islandora Learn and Build Bundle

Leverage the expertise of our librarians, metadata consultants, project managers, software developers, and systems administrators. This package provides 86 hours of professional services assistance to ensure your project moves rapidly and seamlessly through repository planning, implementation and launch with a total cost savings of 20 percent. The Islandora Learn and Build Bundle is available at a cost of $15,000.

Common services provided through this Bundle include:

  • Islandora audit (review framework stack performance and stability according to established best practices) and affiliated fixes if needed

  • Support and Maintenance services

  • Live OnDemand training, available in any timezone

  • Software development and migration support (e.g. coding/scripting, peer review, etc)

  • Source Code Management best practices (e.g. introduction to GitHub)

  • Assistance committing code to the Islandora Community (e.g. Licensed Software Acceptance Procedure)

  • Repository performance assistance (e.g. Drupal cache, Memcache, Varnish)

This package is suited to groups who have already installed the Islandora framework, have access to technical staff, a focus on knowledge transfer as well as building skills and confidence with the Islandora framework.


Islandora Installation Bundle

A seamless start to building an Islandora digital repository now at a new lower cost of $5,000 with a total cost savings of 30 percent. The Install Bundle provides an Islandora installation based on best practices developed at discoverygarden, as well as, access to the information your systems staff need to support the system on an ongoing basis. Save time and money by outsourcing your install to us. The Install Bundle includes:

  • An installation of the latest version of Islandora and dependencies

  • Installation documentation

  • Knowledge base documentation for frequently asked questions and step by step configuration instruction

  • 2 hours of systems consulting

  • 4 hours of support

This package is suited to groups with exposure to the Islandora framework and with access to technical staff.  


Islandora Audit Bundle

Our repository experts will review your Islandora installation to ensure your system is using the appropriate software versions, approved modules, and is configured to maximize efficiency and performance. This bundle also includes 12 hours of professional services to address irregularities found during the audit. The Audit Bundle is available at a cost of $5,000.

This service includes review and reporting on the following:

  • Stack Audit

  • Islandora/Drupal Audit

  • Operating System Audit

  • This package is suited to groups who have already installed the Islandora framework.  

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