Barnard College


Installation and theme for Barnard College

March 2014 to October 2014

Installation of Islandora digital repository framework as well as developing a beautiful front page and banners for the institute’s new online repository.

Barnard College wanted to better understand the Islandora installation process through documentation and knowledge transfer. Just months after the installation, the team had ingested digital assets and needed to prepare to launch the site. Creating an attractive front page for the website was a priority.

discoverygarden provided detailed knowledge transfer sessions during the installation process as well as granular installation documentation afterward. The communication helped Barnard College adhere to an internal IT infrastructure policy requiring detailed systems information for all projects.

The installation allowed the digital archivist and developer at Barnard College the ability to begin populating the repository. Using custom scripts developed by Barnard’s developer and metadata forms created by the digital archivist (using the Islandora form builder), they batch ingested approximately 3000 newspaper issues and ~100 yearbooks and individually ingested ~400 photograph items over a period of six months and configured the site, moving them closer toward the repository launch.

While planning the launch, the Barnard College team began dreaming up their ideal repository front page. Through wireframing and discussions with discoverygarden, the vision became a reality. We prioritized tasks and set out to create a striking theme with a beautiful and functional front page that highlights discovery tools and its newspaper, yearbook and photograph assets.