Islandora at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute

discoverygarden’s Alan Stanley is attending the 2014 Digital Humanities Summer Institute June 2-6. Hosted by Ray Siemens at the University of Victoria every June, the event exists to provide a series of comprehensive short courses to help humanists develop their technical skills, and allow developers and builders a better opportunity to understand the needs of those humanists.  

While these two goals are met admirably, Alan says the real benefit of the event is having the chance to participate in the developing DH community.  

“This is my fourth DHSI.  Every year we bring back ideas from participants to incorporate in our stack.  Every year we see the community mature and every year the bar is set a little higher.  This will be the first time that I'm here as a student, learning about the sociological aspects of the curation of aboriginal artifacts and histories, and I'll be participating in panel discussions on cooperative development and data exposure. It should be a great week.”

To learn more about Islandora and Digital Humanities, contact

TJ Lewis