Linked Open Data with Islandora

Arent Bosman (TU Delft) and Erin Tripp (discoverygarden)

Arent Bosman (TU Delft) and Erin Tripp (discoverygarden)

TU Delft hosted potential partners and specialists on February 28, 2014 to discuss Linked Open Data (LOD) in relation to the institute’s heritage collections focused on European Colonial Architecture. discoverygarden’s Erin Tripp attended to discuss Islandora’s standard LOD-related functionality and custom projects that have taken LOD principles a step further through customization.

TU Delft began working with discoverygarden in January 2013. A collaboration of effort resulted in a repository centered on Fedora functionality - linking RDF to subject concepts and geographical concepts. In addition, the TU Delft team leverages Islandora’s XML form builder to create FOAF metadata and the Islandora zip importer for ingest.

The meeting discussed committing some of the custom features back to the Islandora community in addition to other LOD ideas for promoting digital scholarship and research.

The TU Delft repository is anticipated to launch in September 2014.

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