New & Improved Professional Service Bundles

Charlottetown, PE - The team at discoverygarden is pleased to announce exciting changes to its professional service bundles.  The new and improved bundles are designed with customers in mind; tailored to meet the needs of any organization implementing a digital repository.

discoverygarden first offered bundled services in September 2014 to simplify the initial steps of launching a digital repository using the open source digital repository framework, Islandora.  Today’s announcement is based on feedback provided by valued customers and includes changes to three existing bundles as well as the addition of its brand new ‘Learn and Build’ bundle. The bundles offer cost savings to customers with up to thirty percent off regularly priced services.

"These service bundles are the result of listening to our clients on where they needed the most direct help, in order to get their repositories to where they wanted them to be." said John Eden, CEO of discoverygarden. "I am also pleased we are able to provide the added services to these bundles while increasing the savings."

The discoverygarden ‘Jumpstart’ bundle provides a professional Islandora installation and a broad range of flexible services such as design and theming, assessments and training.  Organizations that purchase the Jumpstart bundle are also provided with Islandora installation documentation and access to the discoverygarden online support portal. This package is suited for groups with limited technical staff availability and exposure to the Islandora repository framework.

The new ‘Learn and Build’ bundle allows customers to leverage the expertise of librarians, metadata consultants, project managers, software developers and system administrators.  This package provides 86 hours of professional services assistance to ensure your project moves rapidly and seamlessly through repository planning, implementation and launch.  This package is suited to groups with a focus on knowledge transfer as well as building skills and confidence with the Islandora framework.

The classic ‘Install’ bundle provides organizations with a seamless start to building their digital repository.  It includes Islandora knowledge base documentation for frequently asked questions and step by step configuration instructions.  This package is suited to groups with exposure to the Islandora framework and access to technical staff.

Sign up for the ‘Audit’ bundle and discoverygarden experts will review your Islandora installation to ensure it’s using the appropriate versions, approved modules and is configured to maximize efficiency and performance.  This bundle also includes 12 hours of professional services that can be used to address any issues found during the audit process.  This package is suited to groups who have already installed the Islandora framework.

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