17th International Conference on Grey Literature Summary

discoverygarden’s Dan Aitken, known fondly in the Islandora community as QA Dan, recently made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean to The Netherlands, to take part in the 17th International Conference on Grey Literature and to lead an Islandora ‘un-conference’ session at the Delft University of Technology.  

The event began the evening of November 30 with the 2015 Greynet International awards dinner held at the Restaurant Haesje Claes, a 15th-century house located in the Centraal region of Amsterdam.  This year's recipients of the GreyNet Award, which is given in recognition for outstanding achievement in the field of grey literature were Stefania Biagioni, ISTI-CNR, from Pisa, Italy and Marnix van Berchum, DANS-KNAW from the Netherlands.

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The formal sessions of 17th International Conference on Grey Literature were held on December 1-2 at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science in Amsterdam.  During the poster presentation, Dan highlighted how Islandora can be used to preserve and expose grey literature, highlighting three case studies. The conference concluded with a tour of the Amsterdam Main Branch Public Library in the Harbor District.

On December 3, Dan lead an Islandora un-conference session for developers at the Delft University of Technology to a crowd of over a dozen industry professionals.  The session was very well received and allowed participants the opportunity to interact with Dan as well as ask a variety of questions relating to the open source Islandora software stack.  One of the main topics that was discussed during the session was the planned route for optimizing Islandora so that organizations will be able to scale up their amount of content efficiently and effectively.

QA Dan and the entire team at discoverygarden would like to thank everyone that participated in the Islandora sessions.  The various questions and discussions that occurred will be taken back to the Islandora Community and will surely result in the continued development and enhancement of the Islandora stack.  We can’t wait to go back!

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