Discoverygarden Webinar: The Migration Process

Here at discoverygarden, we have successfully migrated data from dozens of different sources to the Islandora open source digital repository platform. Whether your data is sitting on your hard drive, inside a database or in another repository system, chances are we have a migration process already mapped out and ready to go.  To date, discoverygarden has migrated content from local file systems, bespoke repositories, Fedora Commons, VTLS, Dspace, ContentDM, DLXS and Digitool.

The first stage of the migration process is to complete a detailed review of the data.  This allows our software engineers to identify data structure, mapping preferences and pinpoint potential risks. The development stage involves writing a custom script to move, map and model the data based on information gathered in stage one. The migration stage is iterative, run multiple times on a local development environment to assess success and speed before a final migration is undertaken on a staging or production environment. 

January's webinar will feature a presentation by discoverygarden Project Manager Mitch MacKenzie, who will lead an informative discussion on the assessment and migration process. He'll provide a behind the scene look at how it can be adapted to fit any organization.  Mitch has been with discoverygarden for four years and has extensive experience developing Islandora code, assessing data and writing migration processes. He will be available for questions following his presentation. 

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You're invited to attend our webinar: 'Migrating: The Process' on Wednesday January 20, 2016 at 12pm EST

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Adam Smith
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Topic:  Migrating: The Process
Date:   Wednesday January 20, 2016
Time:  12:00 pm, EST


To register for this webinar click the link below, and send us an email to register. The host will follow up by sending a JoinMe invitation to the session, including instructions for joining the meeting.