Adventist Digital Library

Project: Adventist Digital Library (ADL)

Duration: June 2015 to Present

Objective: Creating a public digital library to preserve and expose collections of materials including books, periodicals, photographs and audio media from the early 19th century to the present.

Strategy: discoverygarden and Adventist Digital Library staff worked closely to refine requirements related to infrastructure and deployment, metadata management, discovery, and building an attractive theme. The process paved the way for installation, customization, training and eventually support and maintenance services. The collaboration provided a swift start to the project and the skills and confidence for Adventist Digital Library staff to be able to ingest content on their own.

Result: The Adventist Digital Library project provided access to two million digital objects by its BETA launch in February 2016; eight months after starting the project. The repository now hosts collections from multiple institutions affiliated with the Adventist Church. The project continues to grow as a large backlog of digitized content is described and ingested into the repository. To explore the repository and its materials, visit the website:

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