University of Missouri - Kansas City

Project: University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC)

Duration: January 2014 - Present

Objective: Move to an open source digital repository framework, implemented across three campuses. 

Strategy: In January 2014, the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) received access to an Islandora repository, installed by discoverygarden. It was part of a shared service project spanning three campuses of the University of Missouri. To kick-off the project, UMKC decided to focus on  theming and metadata display. discoverygarden was a strategic partner in the process, offering design and Drupal development skills to improve the overall look of the site and discoverability of content.  

Result: discoverygarden designed, built and implemented a custom theme for the repository that focuses on discovery. It included Solr views that leveraged the granular metadata profile used by UMKC. The project also resulted in improvements to the Solr Metadata Display Module, that have since been contributed back to the Islandora Community. The module allows a repository administrator to customize the record display per content model.

Since then, UMKC staff have migrated almost 10,000 objects from their most used collections - focused primarily on Kansas City history, politics and jazz.  

UMKC Special Digital Collections, officially launched on January 19, 2016.