Scaling Islandora

discoverygarden had the opportunity to present at the Open Repositories conference in Dublin, Ireland today. We shared our latest work towards scaling Islandora and protecting performance.

In our presentation, we outlined the aggressive growth in content storage requirements we see from our customers, coupled with an increasing desire to have this content discovered and shared.

These use cases have required problem-solving strategies for parts of the Islandora stack with storage and performance limitations. Our approach is based on best practices for large scale web infrastructure and storage, learning from existing large-scale sites and looking ahead to trends we see happening in the future.  

We are pleased to report that our work resulted in stretching Islandora to accommodate increased storage capacity by replacing the Mulgara triplestore, enabling faster ingest through a utility called Parallel for asynchronous ingest operations, and significantly increasing the number of concurrent users through cache management.

Our work led us to a place where we have great recommendations for large, production scale repositories.  And our work continues.  We are currently focusing on the following three areas for scaling and performance improvement.

  • Interim solutions for the current version of Islandora with Fedora 3, to extend the boundaries of scale and performance  (as mentioned above).

  • Continued Islandora/Fedora 4 integration.

  • Research and Development on a new back end solution for organizations who are interested in a large scale alternative to Fedora.

The future of Islandora is bright. As a service provider, we look forward to hearing the use cases and requirements that will be shaping the future of this terrific software and look forward to sharing additional resources with the community.


TJ LewisIslandora