Continued Islandora 7.x Support and Additional CLAW/ F4 Development Resources

Charlottetown, PE- discoverygarden Inc. recently announced the company’s ongoing commitment to Islandora both in the near and long term. CEO John Eden said, “we will continue to serve organizations using Islandora 7.x until support is no longer required. We will continue to add new functionality based on customer requirements, for the foreseeable future.”

The company is committed to continuing its involvement in building the next generation of Islandora, currently operating under the project name Islandora CLAW. The company provided the services of the original Technical Lead on the project, Danny Lamb, who has now assumed the Technical Lead position with the Islandora Foundation. discoverygarden also committed additional staff resources to assist with the community-led development effort.

discoverygarden remains firmly committed to the Islandora community and the decision to include Fedora 4 (F4) in the next generation of the repository framework. A member of our staff will begin assisting the F4 working group, initially with testing, to help move the project forward. We’re excited to offer CLAW/ Fedora 4 (F4) services to our customers in the future; we look forward to the new features and interoperability it will provide.

In addition, John Eden clarified the company’s recent announcement that it intends to release a Fedora 3 alternative. “It will be a stand-alone software option and is not part of the Islandora stack,” said Eden. “It will be an option for organizations that require large scale capacity but who do not require a linked data solution.” The code will be released Fall 2016 under an open-source Apache license.

About discoverygarden

discoverygarden is a digital repository and asset management company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The  company assists in the installation and development of more than a hundred digital repositories and asset management systems for organizations in the academic, museum, enterprise and government sectors.