California Historical Society

Project: California Historical Society (CHS)
Duration:September 2015 to Present
Objective:Implement a pilot repository project with the goal of implementing a robust, long-term digital preservation strategy that would:

  • Move data off of legacy systems & storage and into the cloud to lessen IT burden,

  • Collocate all digital assets in one system while avoiding vendor and/ or data lock-in,

  • Provide solutions for preservation and access requirements,

  • Make content more discoverable through harvest to DPLA and other aggregators, and

  • Have a predictable costing model for long-term sustainability.

Strategy: The one-year pilot project involved close collaboration with CHS project staff, discoverygarden staff, as well as staff at Truman Technologies and Komodo Cloud (hosting providers). CHS purchased the Islandora Jumpstart Bundle and the Bronze Level support services from discoverygarden. The services allowed the project to meet major milestones, such as:  

  • Migrating one high priority collection into Islandora,

  • Theming the site to match the organizational brand,

  • Configuring on-site and external discovery setting (Islandora Solr and Islandora OAI), and

  • Focusing on training to build confidence among the project team.

Result: The California Historical Society Digital Library Islandora pilot preserves and exposes Anton Wagner’s Los Angeles, 1932-33, a collection of photographs of urban, suburban, rural and waterfront areas of Los Angeles County.