Announcing Drupal 8 Port of Islandora (MVP ALPHA)

Discoverygarden inc. is happy to make available an ALPHA Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a Drupal 8 port of Islandora 7. It is a direct port of Islandora 7 Core along with several key modules and solution packs that will allow for the creation of a basic repository. The code is readily available to anyone who wishes to use it here.

Discoverygarden has also created a Virtual Machine image of the Drupal 8 port to facilitate download for demo or testing purposes. Several other stack components will be updated in the coming months along with ports of additional Solution Packs and modules and several feature updates that will make Islandora an even more robust offering. As with Islandora 7, a continuous integration/deployment approach will be adopted in order to ensure that latest code is fully tested and available to use.

With Drupal 7 nearing end of life, this ensures the increasingly popular Islandora stack will remain in sync with Drupal Security updates for many years to come and protects the investments that numerous organizations have made, and continue to make, by choosing Islandora for their digital repositories and digital asset management systems.

With the MVP alpha complete, collaborators are welcome to join the effort in testing and porting additional modules and solution packs.The same git workflow and coding standards familiar to Islandora 7 developers will be used.

Virtual Machine Image Access Details

You can ssh to ssh -p2222 vagrant@localhost pass is vagrant
Access the site by visiting localhost:8000 User: islandora Pass: islandora

A person can take this VM and set it to communicate with existing data by changing the Fedora and Solr endpoints inside the Drupal configuration. It is important to note that the auth filter and any firewalls on the data source it is communicating with will need to be updated to allow the connection.

Download Virtual Machine Image (OVA)