Discoverygarden Webinar: Guide to Starting a Digital Repository

We know that starting a digital repository or archive can be a daunting task, as it begins with the question: How does my organization or collective get to that happy state where budget, timeline, and stakeholder needs coexist? Here at discoverygarden we have helped countless organizations from around the world plan, develop, and implement world class digital repositories.

Critical to success is know where and how to begin the process. After working with more than a hundred organizations and thousands of use cases, we can provide guidance on this first leg of your digital repository journey.

This month, we are pleased to welcome Stephen Perkins, solution architect and project manager at discoverygarden. Stephen has 26 years of experience directing small-to-medium-to-large scale IT projects and specializes in digital asset management solutions.  Stephen will lead a discussion on Wednesday, May 31 at 12 pm EST which will highlight the most important factors to consider when starting a digital repository project.

We look forward to this webinar and hope that you will join us!

Warmest Regards,
~ the discoverygarden team

Adam Smith
Business Development Associate
discoverygarden Inc.

Topic:  Islandora Webinar: Guide to Starting a Digital Repository
Date:   Wednesday May 31, 2017
Time:  12:00 pm EST

To register for this webinar click the link below, and send us an email. The host will follow up by sending an invitation to the session, including instructions for joining the meeting.