We value our staff, love our clients and start every day with the attitude that we are going to do something amazing! 

Thanks to our talented staff, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the digital repository space and one of the most respected companies within our industry. 

We have great benefits!

  • Vacation
  • Flexible hours and schedule
  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • Fitness Program
  • Trips to Tech Conferences
  • Starbucks coffee machine!
  • Awesome downtown location, close proximity to lots of great bars & restaurants!

Awesome technology

PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Tomcat, Fedora Commons, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker, Selenium, Java, Python, XML, XSLT, RDF, Get the point? We use a lot of cool stuff to build our solutions. 


Our development methodology

We use a combination of Scrum and KanBan (ScrumBan?!>). We meet every morning as a team and talk about what we are working on, discuss problems, discuss solutions, celebrate the good, help each other with the bad. We manage our tasks in a backlog, when you finish a task, you grab a new one from the top of the backlog, move it to "In Progress", work on the task, push it to code review where it will be reviewed by one of your peers for potential areas of improvement. Once the code review is completed the task is then moved to QA where it undergoes some automated testing and some not so automated testing. Upon satisfying QA's requirements (not an easy task!), the task then gets pushed to a staging environment where it is reviewed one last time by one of our Solution Architects to triple check that the task satisfies all internal and client requirements. Our goal is to be constantly improving, constantly be releasing better code and constantly be engaged. 

Current Openings