Innovative asset management & preservation

We’re proud to offer an industry leading cloud based Islandora 8 solution that is fully- managed by our team.

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The Islandora frame-work extended to provide industry leading preservation.


We do all the heavy lifting ensuring Islandora is reliable & secure.



Custom themes and features to help you extend your Islandora solution.


Enterprise Features

Streamlined multi-site and single-sign on for large organizations.


Islandora Enables Innovation

We have taken islandora 8 to new heights with improved administrative controls that allow you to navigate and manage your repository with ease and by leveraging highly scalable, highly available, fast, inexpensive cloud data storage with zone replication and extensive checksums , preservation is unparalleled! Redesigned 100% with the user experience in mind, Islandora makes it easy to add, share, find and protect your content.


Effectively manage your team’s data in a central workspace while ensuring your files are protected and preserved.