With the sophisticated & flexible Islandora digital asset management ecosystem

discoverygarden can help you improve efficiency, productivity and preserve and protect your digital files.

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Introducing: Institutional Repository OnDemand!

More than just a standard IR, the Islandora Institutional Repository has support for multiple content types. Learn about our flexible deployment offerings, whether onsite or hosted in the cloud.


Digital Repository Framework

Born at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), the award-winning Islandora approach to repository development and management is rooted in the integration of best-practice open-source software. Islandora communicates between DuraSpace’s Fedora Repository system and the Drupal CMS.

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Reliable Islandora hosting

We provide reliable, well-maintained hosting services for Islandora at a competitive price. Our dedicated team of systems administrators and engineers are experienced in configuring, operating and maintaining the infrastructure required to keep your systems going. You can rely on us to keep up on the latest software patches and upgrades.

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Full service development unit

We assemble a team for you with expertise in technical services, project management and subject matter. They scope out your project, work with you on defining your needs and goals, and customize your solution. Our development unit uses the Scrum agile development approach, which brings the entire team’s expertise into your project.

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Open Access

The Institutional Repository

Our Institutional Repository encompasses the traditional requirements of organizations who need a complex system to manage their constant flow of intellectual output and collect, organize and preserve master's theses, journal articles, dissertations, research. Includes enhanced options to import publications including DOI and PMID.

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Featured Projects

Fundación Juan March

Fundación Juan March

Revolutionizing the Preservation of Data

Clamor enriches live recordings with photographs of concerts, playbills, composer biographies, scores, conferences and additional information deposited in the Library of Spanish Contemporary Music and Theatre.

Colorado Alliance

Colorado Alliance

Magnifying the Internet Archive

The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries was the first consortial environment to implement Islandora. The Islandora repository sites run on shared hardware and software while providing individual site branding and separately searchable collections for each institution.

Grinnell College

Grinnell College

Digital Institution Grinnell

Grinnell's unique solution, their Institutional Repository module, allows users to add citations to the repository, build a list of citations from search results, and export that list in a variety of formats and citation styles.

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